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why wear Earlove

to clubs or concerts?

The sound level at most concerts and clubs far exceeds safe exposure levels. Earlove allows you to hear the music clearly but at a lower level, like turning down the volume. Most concert venues sell foam plugs which lower the volume, but compromise sound quality.

music industry - everyone wears Earlove
clubbers, DJ's, concert goers, bands, symphony players, night club personnel,managers,

Musicians face a unique problem when looking for hearing protection. They need to hear their own voices and instruments well enough to play and sing in tune, but also want to reduce the volume going into their ears. The solution for many is custom hearing protection. Earlove are a low-cost, one-size alternative, with the same clarity of sound.

be a good sport - wear Earlove

A sporting event can reach 100 dB. Your unprotected exposure time is approximately 15 minutes before hearing damage can occur.  As a spectator, using Earlove will allow you to enjoy the event, converse with those around you, and participate fully in the game while knowing that your ears are protected from loud crowd noise or speakers that are too close.

even people at your favorite restaurants use Earlove            

Restaurant goers will have clearer communication with their fellow diners when using Earlove at noisy restaurants.

Restaurant workers need protection from long exposure to unsafe sound levels.  It's difficult to hear orders clearly with the variety of background noises often found in bars and restaurants. Blenders, jukeboxes,, televisions, clanging dishes, loud music and crowd noise can all cause "sound head-ache" and permanent hearing loss. Wearing Earlove will give you a break from the fatigue and stress from constant background noises.

You'll have a better attitude and will be able to work in noise safely for your shift without risk of over-exposure which can lead to fatigue, Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and TTS (Temporary Threshold Shift, muffled sounds, reduction in ability to hear after exposed to loud sounds).

The kitchen can also be harmful. Kitchen staff working under the constant drone of hoods and fans over stoves and grills can also be at risk.