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Earlove Reviews

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Earlove Earplug Reviews


Cool Hunting: Earlove: Practice Safe Sound - There’s nothing worse than leaving a concert or a night out clubbing and your ears ring so much it’s like the bass and drums left with you. The high decibel levels cause physical damage to your ear drums – and too much exposure can lead to permanent hearing loss. With Earlove, a professional-grade earplug, you can reduce damaging sound levels and still hear the music crystal clear. by Ari Bendersky in Tech on 01 March 2005 Coolhunting.com/tech/earlove-practic.php


Sound Opinions:  Show 161 -Jim and Greg wanted to get the lowdown on music-related hearing loss from Chicago DJ and producer Carolynn Travis, known to many as Chaka T. Due to her life in the music scene, Chaka is now legally deaf in one ear, and has a 60% loss in the other. She is a hearing protection advocate and founder of the hi-fi earplug company EarLove. Radio interview December 28, 2008  http://www.soundopinions.org/show/161

TimeOut Chicago:  Festival Accessories- Take home the rock (without taking home the ringing in your ears) at the Belmont-Sheffield Music Festival (May 28, 29). Designed to dampen extra loud sounds, these fancypants Earlove ear plugs allow high and low notes to reach your tender ears, while muffling the deafening ones. By Christina Couch Wed May 18 2011 http://www.timeout.com/chicago/things-to-do/festival-accessories


Gizmodo: EarLove are earplugs designed for (and by) people who love live, loud music, but just can't hang with losing their ability to hear. Using the same technology that's in the high-end, custom-fitted Etymotic Musician's Earplugs (which go for about $150 a pop), the EarLoves reduce sound across all frequencies by about 20 decibels, which means you won't lose any of the details that make live music so great—you just won't lose your Ninja Assassins Union card. Jole 3/2/2005 http://gizmodo.com/034617/earlove-earplugs

Babystew: If you haven’t heard of them, Earlove is a local Chicago company that sells some the best affordable earplugs I’ve ever used. And don’t go thinking that these are your typical, cheap, sound-destroying foam earplugs that you spend 5 minutes putting in correctly just to rip out about 30 seconds into a show so that you can actually hear the music being performed.

Chicago Tribune Is Music Bad For You?  A "reformed" Travis is now a champion for wearing earplugs. She started her own Chicago-based company called Earlove, which sells $15 earplugs that reduce noise by 20 decibels. The plugs are available on www.earlove.net.

The plugs are good for frequent concert-goers who don't want to invest in more expensive, personally fitted earplugs, which can cost about $150 per pair, says Jenny Lizak, spokeswoman for Metro, which offers Earloves for $10 .

Schubas offers concertgoers disposable earplugs for $1 per pack, and Earlove promotions director Tim Stephans says.

"Anybody who goes to shows realizes [hearing loss] is an issue that you have to be aware of," he says.http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2005-11-22/news/0511220329_1_hearing-institute-hearing-loss-hearing-aid

Lumino Magazine: Living the Local Life with My Earloves: I was talking to a friend of my Carolynn Travis earlier in the week who actually gave me these high-fidelity Earlove earplugs. I have to say, the experience was amazing. I remember trying to pry my way in on a conversation with one of the guys from Save the Clocktower, but I couldn’t hear anything outside of all the people talking around me. Having Inchworm playing their guts out in the background didn’t help the situation either. I put on these earplugs, and everything was crystal clear. How do they do that?

Carolynn has been a DJ most of her life and now is working with a video trip-hop and strings ensemble called Deep Blue Field. Carolynn also happens to be legally deaf in one ear from all her thirty plus years as a DJ in loud clubs and bars. I appreciated her looking out for my ears with these new earplugs, and I wondered how badly my ears must have been since all my years at rock concerts without them. http://www.luminomagazine.com/mw/content/view/2915/4

Glorious Noise: While most concert venues sell foam plugs, which lower the volume, Earlove allows you to hear the music clearly—with no distortion or muffling—but at a safe level. Earlove uses the same technology as Musicians Earplugs™ for only a fraction of the cost.

Carolynn Travis, a Chicago-based DJ and tour manager for the long-running rock & soul outfit Poi Dog Pondering, created Earlove in 2003. Travis, who is legally deaf and suffers from Tinnitus, began seeing audiologist Gail Gudmundsen after learning that she had significant hearing loss in 1994. Gudmundsen’s husband, Dr. Mead Killion, founded Etymotic Research, the company responsible for developing the type of earplug that Earlove sells through its Website and at the popular Chicago venue Schuba’s.http://www.gloriousnoise.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=6296

Such Good Stuff: Celebrating Indie Artists: Tell me about how you originally got into this line, Carolynn.
 I lost my hearing from DJ'ing and touring with a rock band.

What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world?
Make microfine glitter art.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to running your business?
Getting people to realize just how important hearing protection is.

When you were a kid, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up? 
A mortician.

What does your future hold?
Saving eardrums, two at a time.


EarLove: Practice Safe Sound: There’s nothing worse than leaving a concert or a night out clubbing and your ears ring so much it’s like the bass and drums left with you. http://ergonomicsnews.usernomics.com/2005/03/earlove-practice-safe-sound.html

Motor City Blog: By the end of the show I felt as if starting things off with Bassnectar was a little bit backwards...Thankfully I carry around my Earlove ear plugs or I would have blown my ears as soon as Lorin Ashton, known to us as Bassnectar, dropped the very low frequencied "Hot Right Now" to kick off an amazing and heart pounding set at the Fillmore. http://motorcityblog.blogspot.com/2012/12/review-week-in-electronic-music-with.html

Heading to MOVEMENT 2010 this holiday weekend? Pick up a pair of Earlove to protect yourself

DC-in-Detroit MCB Concert/Live Event Reviewer Fact is, I've never used earplugs before. Never. I mean, sure, I've tried them now and then, usually as a last resort, and usually only for a minute before I get so disgusted by not being able to HEAR anything that I fling them across the room. I've learned to make do with smiling and pretending I know what people are saying when they talk to me at shows. When Kirk gave me the Earlove, we were in a stupidly over-amplified small space, so I had to try them. The difference was huge.  http://motorcityblog.blogspot.com/2010/05/heading-to-movement-2010-this-holiday.html

Paul Hitz -MCB Senior Photographer I used mine the other night at band practice and they worked great, took a little getting used to having something in my ears (still nothing between them) but the music made it through and I didn't have any ringing or anything after. these were -16dB, talking to a few people the -20dB would be best, I plan on bringing them to all my practices as well as MCB concerts i shoot, the little carrying case is perfect and fits in my pocketthe other night i covered Marco Polio and the New Vaccines and then live from Japan, the punk band Polysics, needless to say both bands pushed the limits on the dB level and quite honestly i dont know how anyone there could of heard anything afterwards, my ears were well protected with some EARLOVE and at one point i took one of them out just to see what it was like...that lasted about 1 second as i was quick to put it back in! thanks for saving my ears and in 40 years from now when i can still hear.

yeaAAAay EarLove!!

Gene Schilling MCB Senior Photographer "As a concert photographer, I spend a lot of time next to a stage with large stacks of speakers shaking the fillings out of my teeth. Earlove earbuds are by far the best ear protection I've ever used. Very comfortable and a perfect fit, they get the job done."

NARDO MCB Austin/Detroit "I have been using Earlove to avoid abusing my earsdrums for a few years now...looking forward to picking up a pair at Movement 2010 as my preferred hearing protection.

Shane Glenn MCB Senior Photographer "My editor failed to get me a pair of Earlove prior to shooting Gogol Bordello last month and my hearing is just returning to normal after stuffing 2 ciggie butts in my ears. I have since been enjoying shooting from the pits with pleasure using Earlove every show and going home without the ringing in my ears.

These bad boys are comfortable too!!