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Earlove is the best non-custom earplug for Music and Musicians.

Chaka Travis


At least three earplugs on the market claim to provide a high-fidelity listening experience while protecting the wearer’s hearing. Tests performed with two of these earplugs indicate they do neither. A high-fidelity earplug reproduces the same response as the original, only quieter. Research since 1946 (Weiner and Ross) confirms that normal outer ear and ear canal acoustics enhance high-frequency sounds: Sound entering the ear is amplified by approximately 15 dB at 2800 Hz. Placing an earplug into the ear canal removes this natural resonance, with the result that sound heard with that earplug is muffled or unclear. To preserve the fidelity of sound heard through an earplug, the first requirement is that the earplug reproduces the normal average ear canal resonance. Flat attenuation earplugs provide the same amount of sound reduction across frequency



Deficient attenuation of low frequencies renders an earplug unsuitable for use in many music venues, where bass-frequency levels often exceed safe listening levels.

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