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Earlove Earplugs

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Earlove XO, earplugs for music. 

Earlove XO, earplugs for music. 

What rocks: Solid cross-frequency reduction that allows music and conversations to come through clear and enjoyable. Carrying case is very easy to add to a set of keys – ensuring you don’t ever forget them.
— http://djtechtools.com/2015/11/09/best-dj-earplugs-for-the-club/
7 MUSIC FESTIVAL MUST HAVES - Drugstore earplugs are great, but quality earplugs like Earlove, specially designed to protect while actually enhancing your experience by retaining sound richness and clarity, are better. Plus, they come in these great keychain carrying cases.
— http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-duran/7-music-festival-must-hav_b_8639192.html


EARLOVE-XO is a high-fidelity earplug that enhances your audio experience when sound levels are too loud. By reducing the decibel level equally across the spectrum of hearing, EARLOVE-XO delivers superior sound and unparalleled hearing protection compared to other non-custom earplugs. EARLOVE-XO earplugs retain sound richness and clarity --even voices remain remarkably clear. With 20 dB sound reduction and a shorter a profile, you can discreetly protect your hearing without missing a beat.    

Regular use of Earlove® products protects against the cumulative effects of overexposure to loud sound throughout life. With Earlove®, you can immerse yourself in music without worrying about hearing damage, which includes a range of post-show occurrences like ringing in your ear or tinnitus and temporary changes in your hearing like muffled sounds (TTS).

Whether you’re an avid concert or club goer, professional or budding musician, music student, sporting event enthusiast, or parent of an aspiring rock star, the discreet design of EARLOVE-XO allows you to do your thing, longer and safer --preserving your hearing now, and into the future.

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Check out the video below of Earlove® founder, Carolynn Travis, who’s work within the music industry as both a DJ and band manager caused permanent noise-induced hearing loss and inspired her to take action.

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